Where are all the things for boys?


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I must have Googled the title to this post 100 times in the last year and a half. I was crestfallen when I arrived in the baby department to discover that easily 80% of what’s sold in children’s clothing is aimed at girls.

But, what do the boys wear? I asked my friends. They said, “Oh, you get used to it. Every boy on the playground is wearing an outfit your son owns.”

As I delved deeper into Boys’ World I discovered that scarcity was compounded by paucity – there were very few clothes I wanted to dress my son in. So few things to make me swoon. Everything, it seemed, was emblazoned with characters and saying. “Pick his persona now!” They yelled at me. No, thank you. How about something plain, classic, and well-made… Oh, there is a place for that. A place where Platinum Amex is maxed for a tee shirt that cost $3 to make. There’s nothing like paying for simplicity.

I dreamed of an infanthood relatively free from licensed characters. It was an uphill battle that probably came to a draw. It’s not that I don’t see my son as “Mommy’s Little Hero”, it’s that I want him to be – and his accoutrements to reflect who he is first. Wearing his persona on his sleeve can come later, if and when he chooses. Peculiar that I am a branding pro by trade…

At the same time, I became obsessed with finding the ideal products to meet my needs. We tried five or six different bottle types before we settled on an unperfect buy okay bottle. I like things that make the tough task of raising a family easier. I like sharing that knowledge with anyone who will listen. So, thanks for listening.